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SPECIAL INVITATION: If you’re looking for neural strategies to reintegrate your client’s neural pathways, join Dr. Phyllis Books and discover the protocols you’ll need to help you solve your toughest cases.

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Solving Your Toughest Cases

A Step-by-Step Proven Method to Handle the Tough Cases That No One Else Can Solve

  • Become the Go-to Practitioner with Referrals Knocking Down Your Doors for Help
  • Change Your Clients’ Lives by Solving Neurological Defects Using Proven Neuroscience-based Methods

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Are you puzzled by your clients struggling with:

  • Lack of focus?
  • Difficulty with reading, writing or math?
  • Delayed Auditory Response (frequently asks to repeat a word or phrase)?
  • Inability to concentrate when studying or playing?
  • Poor motor skills (clumsy/accident prone)?
  • Inability to comprehend and retain reading material?
  • Eye-hand coordination problems (handwriting, depth perception, etc.)?
  • Confusing or reversing instructions?
  • Low self-esteem and distorted self-image?
  • Cranial trauma?

What you’ll learn in this webinar and the BONUS Video Series:


icon_arrow VIDEO 1. How to quickly and easily perform a diagnostic technique to identify weakened neurological channels with eye tracking and teaming dysfunction– without any equipment!

icon_arrow VIDEO 2. Learn how to then realign using gentle touch methods including Dr. Books’ unique proprietary technique for Releasing Eye Muscles & Eye Fascia (HINT: You will not find this anywhere else)

icon_arrow VIDEO 3. How to perform a diagnostic technique to identify imbalances in the Upper Core Centering Reflexes

icon_arrow VIDEO 4. Learn how to perform some of the energetic techniques necessary to reintegrate your clients’ fundamental neurology

icon_arrow VIDEO 5. How to put together a plan to implement new neural strategies in your practice

icon_arrow WEBINARS–

#1 Recorded on Sept. 10TH: Discover how Dr. Books’ groundbreaking methods are different from anything else out there to identify and transform neurological dysregulation.

#2 Recorded on Oct. 1st: “Why dyslexia is so much more than reading!” and “How to Rescue a Scared Brain… so it can learn again.”

You can have a thriving practice and become known as the “Go-To” person for thoroughly resolving neurological problems!


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I respect your privacy. I will NEVER sell, rent or share your email address. That’s more than a policy, it’s my personal guarantee!

Dr. Phyllis Books

Dr. Phyllis Books, MA, DC, CCN, DABCN
Dyslexia & Learning Disability Expert

Dr. Books is a pioneer in working with the whole body and its role in the learning process. She has the heart of a mother, the brain of a scientist, and the soul of a wise elder. Considered a cutting edge healer and catalyst by her peers, her clients view her as “calm..caring..competent.” Her new book Reversing Dyslexia: Improving Learning and behavior Without Drugs was published by Square One in May 2013.

She is a teacher, mother and doctor rich in wisdom born of life experience. As an engaging new paradigm teacher, and creator of proven, road-tested methods, she leads the way in painlessly clearing neurological deficits without drugs.

She is the founder of Books Neural Therapy,™ a structural and neurological repatterning technique helpful for people with dyslexia, learning differences, ADHD, head traumas, various chronic health problems, and those seeking peak performance.

She released the world’s first online Dyslexia Reversal System in 2013. Hundreds of patients, families, scientists, students and teachers have benefited from her multidisciplinary approach.

And Dr Books’ treatment successes offer encouraging proof that the brain is changeable all the time, at every age, with 4 out of 5 clients reporting lasting results years later.

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