Malcolm’s mom

Malcolm was very depressed from the Ritalin. We knew we had to do something to change how he felt about himself, but still pay attention in class. We heard about Dr. Books and knew we had to give her a try. Malcolm has changed so much; he’s back to his loving self. But we don’t

Kathy Mikulic

It’s been about four months now, and his handwriting is better than when he was on medication. His attention at the cafeteria is remarkable. He sits and eats his meals without running around. If I have another hyper child, I will not drive forever and get Ritalin, but I will drive 6 hours a day

Dyslexia in Children

I feel more like me…who I really am.

“I felt extremely dumb seeing other kids totally surpass me. I was stressed out and had huge test taking phobia. After treatment, it was as if one day the heavy cloak I’d been wearing all my life, was suddenly lifted off. I felt so much lighter and happier. Test taking anxiety disappeared and my writing