Amy Beilharz

Dr. Books is an amazing resource that I have used now for years. As a serial entrepreneur managing multiple businesses it is critical that I have a high degree of focus, creativity and clarity. When I feel bogged down, indecisive or have trouble tapping into my inspiration I regularly turn to Dr. Books to recalibrate

Chronic Migraines

For years I lived with migraines. Within about two weeks of care with Dr. Books, I was noticing an improvement. What a relief. Now I just go for tune ups. I think her business card should read, “She gives great neck.”

Chronic Health Issues

You cleaned me out. My memories of the surgery were bloody, messy and painful. And you cleared it all. Before my abdomen was so tender, no one could even tough it let alone put pressure on it. You had an awareness of my internal environment, not just my organs. You dared go where other people

She has been a true lifesaver for me.

In mid-November 1997 I had a closed head (brain) injury after catching my heel on broken concrete at a Mobil Oil Station in Dallas. I fell flat with full body weight hitting on my left cheekbone. After regaining consciousness, I was helped to the office where I filled out paperwork with an ice pack on