WOW! What a wake up call!

WOW! What a wake up call! I used to dread getting a diagnosis. I really did not want my son labeled and wasn’t ready to afford the expensive testing. I used to be angry, upset, or unable to sleep at night stressing about my son’s performance. Dr. Books showed us that each time my son

Dr. Books was a Life Saver

I went through the shots routine for allergies for 25 years and finally just quit. Then I heard about Dr. Books from a friend. What happened was nothing short of amazing. Incredible even! Seven years after the original treatments, I sought her because my new wife now needs her help. Dr. Books was a life

Amy Beilharz

Dr. Books is an amazing resource that I have used now for years. As a serial entrepreneur managing multiple businesses it is critical that I have a high degree of focus, creativity and clarity. When I feel bogged down, indecisive or have trouble tapping into my inspiration I regularly turn to Dr. Books to recalibrate