WOW! What a wake up call!

WOW! What a wake up call! I used to dread getting a diagnosis. I really did not want my son labeled and wasn’t ready to afford the expensive testing. I used to be angry, upset, or unable to sleep at night stressing about my son’s performance. Dr. Books showed us that each time my son

I truly believe in what you are doing

I truly believe in what you are doing and that it will continue to help Victoria if she chooses to follow through. I have seen improvement as has she. I never expected immediate results and that all things would be fixed. I see this as a progression and I’m sure we’ll see even more good

His whole world changed.

His whole world changed. My husband and I have taken our son to many therapies over the past eight years. After two to three months with Dr. Books, he got all A’s for the first time ever. Last year, I read nearly all his required reading to him. This year, he is keeping up with