Dr Books’ patients report years later that the treatment remains as successful as the initial benefit if not more.

Dyslexia Free 7 Years Later thanks to BNT

“Elementary school is when we discovered that there was an issue. He came to see Dr. Books seven years ago, and after the therapies it’s like he never had dyslexia. Ever.” Learn more at drphyllisbooks.com Now his life is different. “He can spell, he can read, he communicates with our customers very easily.” “It’s like

Danor’s son 5 years later…now class president

November 2018. Orion Padden’s mom. Dr. Phyllis Books uses Books Neural Therapy methods. In 10 days, Orion improved two grade levels in reading and comprehension.  Mrs. Padden also described Books Neural Therapy as a more comprehensive and less expensive process in time and cost.  Five years later, mom reports he is maintaining the increase in