Reversing Dyslexia is Revolutionary!

“Reversing Dyslexia is Revolutionary! Particularly timely; a significant contribution to the practical understanding of reversing the problem of dyslexia today! Dr. Books takes off the ‘hopeless’ label that has accompanied dyslexia and teaches you that it is possible to permanently bring back the fun in learning, thereby raising the self-esteem and confidence of children of

Library Journal review (dated Sept. 16, 2013)

Books is a chiropractor, certified clinical nutritionist, instructor, and founder of a multidisciplinary system for people with learning disorders, making her, thus, uniquely qualified to explore the topic of “improving learning and behavior without drugs” in people with dyslexia. According to the author, we have limited our view of the disorder to difficulty with reading

She weaves scientifically-based, integrative wisdom with heart, humor and determination to work with the root causes rather than the symptoms.

“Dr Books courageously leads the reader on a journey that challenges and expands our concepts of traditional medicine – a journey of hope and perseverance. Parents, educators, physicians, health care providers, individuals and families dealing with dyslexia, this labor of love is written for us! She weaves scientifically-based, integrative wisdom with heart, humor and determination

A Paradigm Shift in Understanding and Treating Dyslexia

Masterful and brilliant yet simple and understandable, Reversing Dyslexia exposes the myth of dyslexia as being a permanent, life-long condition. Dr. Books challenges the traditional and deep-seeded educational and medical models of dyslexia that have narrowly construed the causes of the condition and reduced its treatment compensatory tools. She poignantly defines the “dyslexia spectrum syndrome”

This is the future of dyslexia intervention.

“Reversing Dyslexia is the best investment you will ever make as a parent, educator or therapist of a child with dyslexia. This WILL be life-changing for you and your child! All parents can now experience real hope that their child’s diagnosis of dyslexia can be reversed. This book addresses the neurological root of the problem