I truly believe in what you are doing

I truly believe in what you are doing and that it will continue to help Victoria if she chooses to follow through. I have seen improvement as has she. I never expected immediate results and that all things would be fixed. I see this as a progression and I’m sure we’ll see even more good

Dr. Books was a Life Saver

I went through the shots routine for allergies for 25 years and finally just quit. Then I heard about Dr. Books from a friend. What happened was nothing short of amazing. Incredible even! Seven years after the original treatments, I sought her because my new wife now needs her help. Dr. Books was a life

CBS affiliate says…

met Phyllis Books while working as a Medical Reporter for a CBS affiliate in Austin, Texas. In television interviews she spoke of alternative and supplemental methods to help people suffering from ADHD and migraines. Books is a compassionate practitioner who seems driven by the desire to help

As a physical therapist

As a physical therapist, I had sought many other therapies for my son who was performing below potential at school. I enjoyed the changes they had induced, but still feel that my son benefited greatly from Books Neural Therapy. I could see the changes in coordination of his teamed eye movements after several sessions with

Beth Ann Davis

I don’t have to shut down and hide anymore. I can read and I can be successful now! Before I didn’t think about college because I was scared I would fail. Now I have all these options open which I didn’t have before.