Why is Dyslexia So Misunderstood? Part One

“It [dyslexia] is the most misunderstood of all disorders because it is incorrectly perceived as a reading problem owing to mental reversal or transposition of letters.” ~Robert Melillo, fellow Doctor of Chiropractic and teacher of Childhood Development Disorders classes for the International Association of Functional Neurology and Rehabilitation. Not only do I agree with Dr.

20 Expert Quotes about Living with and Reversing Dyslexia, Part 1

I love reading what other experts have to say about dyslexia, and I thought you might find their views interesting and inspiring. While not all these experts believe in reversing dyslexia, they share some fascinating insights into it that are sure to help your child with dyslexia. Some of the quotes are positive and uplifting,

Don’t Buy Into These 3 Myths about Healthy Eating

Good nutrition and healthy eating are such vital parts of reversing dyslexia that we could write endlessly about them. When your child’s body is nourished correctly, he has the building blocks for treating dyslexia naturally. When you eat right, you have the stamina necessary to help your child through treatment. Nutrition is a controversial subject,

Books Neural Therapy Improves Reading and Math Skills in Mere Weeks

Taken from Chapter 6 of House of Miracles by Bernice Capelle Dotz: Have you ever seen students improve academic skills enough to advance three full grade levels and show significant improvement on standardized tests like the Bruininks-Oseretsky Test of Motor Proficiency? And this miracle took place after just a few weeks of Books Neural Therapy™?

The Absolute Miracle for Children and Adults with Learning Disabilities

Taken from Chapter 5, House of Miracles by Bernice Dotz I’ve seen miracles happen in my own house for many children and adults with learning disabilities. One of the definitions the Oxford Dictionary gives for miracle is “a highly improbable or extraordinary event, development, or accomplishment that brings very welcome consequences”. This description led me

Did You Know There Are Effective Treatments for ADD, Developmental Delays, and Learning Disabilities?

Taken from Chapter 15, House of Miracles by Bernice Dotz Martin was awkward, moved in an ungraceful fashion, and walked with an unbalanced gait because the neurological pathways from his brain to his muscles were not coordinated or developed. He and his family were told he had ADD, learning disabilities, and developmental delays. He learned

Reversing ADHD and Dyslexia Does Happen, Contrary to Popular Belief, Part 2

Taken from Chapter 14, House of Miracles by Bernice Dotz Did you know that 99% of the dyslexia and ADHD experts are wrong because they say reversing dyslexia and reversing ADHD are impossible? Do you honestly think dyslexia and ADHD are permanent, lifelong, and irreversible? Think again. The last blog was about Brad, his dyslexia