What if We Could Improve Dyslexia Naturally?

What if dyslexia were just a little obstacle, and not a big mountain? What if that obstacle could be erased quickly and without pain? And what if your child’s dyslexia treatment was all natural, without using drugs or invasive treatments? Dyslexia can almost always be reversed, and the boulders that keep your child from learning

5 Tips to Reduce Your Child’s Stress—and Your Own

If you can reduce your child’s stress, he or she is more likely to learn new material at school.  How can you help your child relax, pay attention and learn? Often I find that parents need stress reduction as much as their children do. The concept is much like the safety lecture you receive when

Changing Futures, One Patient at a Time

The Austin MD Magazine for May/June 2014 has an article I wrote about three case studies of Books Neural Therapy.  Beyond  dyslexia and ADHD treatments, Books Neural Therapy offers the restoration of mental health by rewiring your basic fundamental neurology.  It incorporates the latest advances in nueroscience to find communication breakdowns in the circuitry (your