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Reading Expert

Reading specialist and classroom teacher believes that integrating BNT with learning strategies will help those with learning challenges.

Dyslexia Tutor

Dyslexia tutor sees results with BNT unlike anything she’s seen before.

John Gedye, M.D.

I first heard Dr. Books speak on head injuries and learning differences in Texas, and since then have collaborated with her on research project preparations. Her breadth of knowledge spanning several fields–and how she brings together these facets–is quite intriguing; and a challenge to put into a restrictive research model. It has been a pleasure to help graph and chart her findings.

I have personally witnessed her work on my colleagues, and during a particularly stressful time in my life, believe she prevented me from a heart attack. After that session, my life took an interesting turn, and my most real and honest work took form.


Dennis Reidmiller, D.D.S.

Over the past years, my relationship with Dr. Phyllis Books has been as a patient myself and as a referring doctor to her practice. As a patient, I can attest first-hand to her ability and to the success of her treatment.

I have referred multiple patients to her, primarily for their TMJ dysfunction, which I found was related to a dyslexia problem and also sacral/spinal problems or misalignment.

I have been very impressed with the improvements that my patients have undergone with her care. Her treatment modality has been a tremendous help to my patients with their TMJ, making my job considerably easier in making their dental corrections.

Pam Gell, Ed.D., LPB, CBT, EEG Biofeedback

I first heard about Dr. Books through a patient of mine who was having trouble with alcohol, among other things. Within several sessions with Dr. Books, this patient lost her desire for alcohol totally. I had been working with this patient for about a year, and many facets of her life were improving. However, this wonderful change that occurred so quickly and seemingly effortlessly stirred my curiosity.

That was eight years ago. I have referred many patients to her and vice versa.

We have developed a good and respectful team approach with many patients we have since shared. I appreciate her work immensely. She is intuitive, compassionate, and thorough in her approach to her patients.

Bev Gipple, M. Ed.

Over the past 12 years, Phyllis and I have discussed many learning problems of our various clients. She is always eager to hear my views as a tutor and former special education teacher. We discuss philosophy, practical learning strategies, personality profiles, family patterns – in short as many variables as we can think of that affect the learning process.

She has assembled professionals to speak to audiences on the various facets of learning, and I have enjoyed being one of those speakers. She has called me from Europe asking for testing and evaluation materials to help her clients around the world. She is innovative and thorough in her approach.

Henry J. Novak, J.D.

Masterful and brilliant yet simple and understandable, Reversing Dyslexia exposes the myth of dyslexia as being a permanent, life-long condition. Dr. Books challenges the traditional and deep-seeded educational and medical models of dyslexia that have narrowly construed the causes of the condition and reduced its treatment compensatory tools. She poignantly defines the “dyslexia spectrum syndrome” as a complexity of neurobiological issues that relate to brain synchronization and neurological dysregulation. She demonstrates that overcoming learning disabilities requires a multi-disciplined approach based on biology, neuroscience, psychology, diet, exercise and perhaps most importantly, loving and compassionate intervention by both parent and practitioner.

Speaking simultaneously in the voices of a scientist, educator, chiropractor, mother, and grandmother of three young boys, Dr. Books has written the consummate primer for parents of dyslexic children, guiding them through the confusing maze of cultural misinformation on the subject. As an attorney who has represented alternative healthcare practitioners over three decades in the relentless tension between mainstream medicine’s rigid focus on the treatment of bodily symptoms and the alternative approach of addressing the body as a holistic organism, I can confidently recommend Reversing Dyslexia as a “whole person” approach to shedding the limitations of dyslexia. It is a must-read for anyone whose life has been affected by a loved one with any learning disorder.

Ellen Adams, M.Ed., CCC-SLP

Reversing Dyslexia is the best investment you will ever make as a parent, educator or therapist of a child with dyslexia. This WILL be life-changing for you and your child! All parents can now experience real hope that their child’s diagnosis of dyslexia can be reversed. This book addresses the neurological root of the problem and may even allow you to eliminate time-consuming, frustrating and costly remedial measures. This is the future of dyslexia intervention.

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