Books Neural Therapy™ Intensive

A mother describes the results she is seeing part of the way through the process.

Mitchell's Mom
Special Education Teacher’s Response to Books Neural Therapy

Special teacher has amazing and profound changes after books neural therapy.

Special Education Teacher
Quinn knows how it feels to be embarrassed

Quinn, at 15 was embarrassed by not being able to read or remember the months of the year. After BNT well you can see it in his smile when he talks about reciting the months of the year after just 3 sessions of BNT.

Reading Specialist on son Lakota ‘s Success with Books Neural Therapy

This video is about Reading Specialist and classroom teacher who believes that integrating BNT with learning strategies will help those with learning challenges.

Reading Specialist on son Lakota ‘s Success with Books Neural Therapy
Dysgraphia and Spelling Improves with BNT™ Treatment

Beyond his expectations for improvement after Dr, Phyllis Books treats him for his learning challenges.

Dysgraphia and Spelling Improves with BNT™ Treatment
Dyslexia tutor sees results with BNT unlike anything she’s seen before

Dyslexia tutor Shelley Gray flies to Austin and watches for a week and sees child learn to overcome dyslexia in five days. She also now prepares to study BNT to take back to her community.

Shelley Gray
Mom and Daughter talk about how many changes in learning as well as behavior

BethAnn has hope in her future now. She talks about how hard it was on family life with her frustrations not being able to retain and remember.

1 Year Later, "She's like a different kid."

“She’s like a different kid.” it seemed before like she was struggling and putting in a lot of effort without much gain. There’s been a big jump. She’s in a higher gear. Wonderful to see herself advocate for herself and show her leadership. Communicates more clearly instead of just reacting.

1 Year Later, "She's like a different kid."
Reading & Homework is Easier after Dysleixa Treatment

Student Testimonial
Bernice Dotz, author of House of Miracles, showcased Dr. Phyllis Books & Books Neural Therapy

Based on actual cases of physical, learning, and neurological problems, House of Miracles showcases the work of Dr. Phyllis Books in solving otherwise unsolvable problems. Dr. Books specializes in helping those with “learning differences”-children with a neurological dysfunction that cannot be overcome by standard teaching methods.After meeting Dr. Books, author Bernice Capelle Dotz believes that this brilliant woman is just the right person to help her grandson, who has been struggling academically since elementary school. The results are so amazing that Dotz offers her home to Dr. Books as a second treatment office whenever she comes to California

Bernice Dotz
A tutor's observations of BNT

This tutor talks about following one of Dr. Books clients and what a tool Books Neural Therapy is. She is quite impressed with not only the stories people have told her but what she observed during these sessions.

Dyslexia Tutor
"It's like the best thing that can ever happen."

Kate has amazing breakthrough following sessions with Dr. Phyllis Books. this young lady puts a lot of pressure on herself. Her learning challenges were very difficult for her emotionally. Being able to read has ‘changed her life. BNT has been the best thing that has ever happened to her.’ Being able to read, no letter reversals-all were changes noticed after BNT. Dad does not understand the process but he does understand that something very profound has happened with his daughter.

"It's like the best thing that can ever happen."
Real Estate Entrepreneur’s Successful Help with Dr. Phyllis Books for Dyslexia

A diagnosis of dyslexia used to mean learning to cope with a life long learning disability, but now Dr. Phyllis Books naturally improves and reverses the condition after developing a therapy that gently realigns not only the cranial bones, but also rewires developmental neurology

Business Owner
Reading Specialist on son Lakota ‘s Success with Books Neural Therapy™

Reading Specialist on son Lakota ‘s Success with Books Neural Therapy™
1 year later, Dad says Rita is doing better than he ever expected

August 2016
Dr. Phyllis Books performing Books Neural Therapy.

19 yr old Rita, came in a year ago for Books Neural Therapy. She had been in special education, was adopted and had lots of troubles and concerns. Her parents worried that she would never be able to live on her own.
After Books Neural Therapy, she is totally independent, living on her own, and is going to Austin Community college with the goal of becoming a nurse. Of their 3 children, she is most self reliant and responsible. The parents are amazed and pleased with the results.

Rita's Dad
Tom: Entrepreneur with Dyslexia describes working with Dr. Phyllis Books

Learning Centers Need Books Neural Therapy for Better Results

In all the years Brenda has owned a learning center she has not seen anything as quick and effective as Books Neural Therapy. What takes months and sometimes years, Dr. Books did in days.

Brenda Laurent, Learning Center Director
Neural Freedom with Dr. Phyllis Books

What Michelangelo’s Statue of David and You have in Common!

Nearly every day, patients who are stuck – in unfulfilling jobs, bad relationships and school – come to me at wit’s end, frustrated because no matter how many ways they’ve tried, nothing seems to change. That’s where Neural Freedom comes in. Neural Freedom is about freeing the human spirit and unleashing the greatness that lies dormant and waiting deep inside you.

Adult with Dyslexia Testimonial
High Tech Sales Entrepreneur Overcomes Dyslexia with Dr. Phyllis Books’ Neuroscience Treatment

High Tech Sales Entrepreneur Overcomes Dyslexia with Dr. Phyllis Books’ Neuroscience Treatment
Learning Centers Need Books Neural Therapy~ Brenda Laurent

Brenda talks about the surprisingly quick results of Books Neural Therapy

Brenda Laurent, Learning Center Director
Reading, Writing and Balance Improve with BNT

Day 3 improvement in writing, comprehension, and balance. Scott Ballard, the Confidence Coach, talks about having less anxiety about his business because BNT helped him with his brain integration, handwriting and reading comprehension.

Scott Ballard, the Confidence Coach

Dr. Phyllis Books’ Success Stories – Video Testimonials

Read dozens of testimonials from our many happy patients and expert professionals. Or read only testimonials in a category: Adults with Dyslexia, Kids with Dyslexia, Parent Testimonials, Entrepreneurs with Dyslexia, What the Experts Say, or Related Issues Testimonials, including ADHD, allergies, TMJ, learning disabilities, behavior and health issues, etc.

Our holistic, neuroscience-based approach to reversing dyslexia, ADHD, ADD, and other learning challenges has an 80% success rate.

Dyslexia can be reversed in as little as 5 days using the Books Neural Therapy™ system.

The 8 year old young woman in the video above will be featured in an upcoming documentary.