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Dr. Phyllis Books’ Success Stories

Marly Says Kids Did Chores Without Anger Or Resistance

Marly’s two children, 8 and 10, went through the 10-day Books Neural Therapy program.

Both children struggled with reading. Mom noticed major changes and great improvements in reading, decoding and comprehension after Books Neural Therapy. She also noticed behavior changes such as being more cooperative when asked to do chores and fewer anger outbursts.  Her son, already a gifted athlete, measurably improved in baseball.

Overcoming Neurological Disregulation With Dyslexia

Following treatment for her son with Dr. Phyllis Books, this parent shares her thoughts. She never accepted that the label of dyslexia would be permanent and Dr. Books showed her how to overcome the neurological dysregulation underlying dyslexia with Books Neural Therapy.

The results were profound in reversing dyslexia with her young son who has been in a special private school with work arounds for dyslexics, yet he still was just guessing at reading. In only five days of treatment, he read so much better it was as if she couldn’t recognize him reading. Their hope is not restored, it is the new normal for them.

“I Can Read Better. And I’m Happy!”

Sienna can read better after BNT. “The benefits of coming here are immeasurable. We came here for dyslexia, but we came here with knowledge that our family will take–that Sienna’s family will take–into the next generation.”

“As A Mom, It’s Been Great!” 

After BNT Treatment with Dr. Phyllis Books, the relief LaJean feels as a mom is real. She can see the change in her son, and it feels good to know that she is finally on the right track and finding some relief for her children.

BNT can help many people suffering from dyslexia, lack of focus, trouble reading and writing, and more.

Mom Excited: Son Having No Angry Fits After BNT Dyslexia Treatment

After BNT Treatment for Dyslexia with Dr. Phyllis Books, Hannah’s son is able to focus better and already has an improved mood. His health is better, his eyes are more focused and on track, and he is enjoying life.

What can BNT Dyslexia Reversal treatment do for you and your family?

Joaquin’s Dad Shares How Books Neural Therapy Helped His Son

Joaquin has improved in every subject in just three months. His dad highly recommends Dr. Books.

She Knows Her Right From Her Left For The First Time In Her Entire Life

“We went home last night and discovered by Ella knows her right from her left for the first time in her entire life. I bawled and bawled. And I said before coming if all we get out of this is that she knows her right her left, it’ll be worth every single penny and we’ve gotten so much more. But it was this pivotal thing for me to to see her for the first time to know her right from her left.”

And she learned to read without so much effort. Mom says she learned a whole new way of looking at the brain and body with BNT.

Son Went From Not Socializing, Acting Out, Trouble Reading, To This:

Husband and wife talk about improvements their son made after going to Books Neural Therapy.

“He’s done much better in school…” He used to have low confidence, low grades in school, not socializing with others. This year “he’s got a much more happy attitude, more willing to try, staying on task in class instead of saying I give up. He’s happy, he’s socializing more.”

 Huge Changes After Treatment For Dyslexia And ADHD

After being treated by Dr. Phyllis Books, Jaya and her son are feeling vibrant and focused and full of energy! Her son has been reading better and sleeping better, and she has been feeling amazing.

Son Makes an A+ After BNT

“First semester I got a C in literature, second semester I got an A+.”

Boy who went through Books Neural Therapy talks about improvements in school and his interactions with others. “His teachers and his peers are looking to him to be a leader.”

We Noticed Changes Right Away!

A Father Speaks about the tremendous changes seen in reading through Books Neural Therapy™ for his child with Dr. Phyllis Books in Austin, Texas after dyslexia treatment.

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Our holistic, neuroscience-based approach to reversing dyslexia, ADHD, ADD, and other learning challenges has an 80% success rate.

Dyslexia can be reversed in as little as 5 days using the Books Neural Therapy™ system.