Overcoming Anxiety And Trauma:

Dr. Phyllis Books’ Success Stories

Books Neural Therapy Liberates Star And Melissa

Star speaks after her 7 day intensive with Dr. Phyllis Books receiving a customized Books Neural Therapy Program. Learn how to release fear, anxiety, and trauma on those closest to you with BNT training. Learn more at https://www.drphyllisbooks.com/  or call 512-331-0668.

Jen’s Life Is Forever Changed

Jen was in “a dark place” while coping with health and stress related issues. She credits Dr. Books’ care with helping her feel safe, centered and able to reorganize her life. BTW, she’s doing awesome now!!

Overcoming Stress-Causing PTSD In The Line Of Duty

Allen talks about struggles for servicemen, police, and soldiers with issues like PTSD and the improvements he’s experienced using Books Neural Therapy.

Neural Freedom With Dr. Phyllis Books

Nearly every day, patients who are stuck — in unfulfilling jobs, bad relationships and school — come to me at wit’s end, frustrated because no matter how many ways they’ve tried, nothing seems to change.

Emotional Integration With Neural Freedom

Dr. Phyllis Books creates personalized programs to help people master their lives, emotions, and physical performance.

Anxiety Is Released After Dan’s Therapy With BNT

Dan discusses his reasons for coming in for Books Neural Therapy. He had been dealing with anxiety that impacted him significantly, as well as other health challenges. Before BNT, because of his anxiety, he would struggle with finding the “right words” to say in different social situations. That is no longer an issue for him, he has gained a calmness in the past year that has enabled him to relax socially.

Alec Finds Excitement In His Life After BNT

“There’s been a lot of new exciting things happening… My outlook was a lot bleaker, I didn’t have any plans… Now I want to do more things, I have a desire to create now.” Alec discusses his life before Books Neural Therapy and how it contrasts with his life now.

How BNT Helps With Trauma

Allen talks about soldiers and officers struggling with PTSD from being hyper-aware during traumatic situations. He discusses the changes he’s felt doing Books Neural Therapy.

Testimonials From Those Suffering From Trauma:
Dr. Phyllis Books’ Success Stories

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