Testimonials From Kids With Dyslexia:

Dr. Phyllis Books’ Success Stories

Bethann’s Success With Books Neural Therapy

A diagnosis of dyslexia used to mean learning to cope with a life-long learning disability, but now Dr. Phyllis Books naturally improves and reverses the condition after developing a therapy that gently corrects not only the cranial bones, but also rewires developmental neurology. For 30 years she has tracked the underlying causes of dyslexia and has successfully treated patients without surgery or drugs. Four out of five show improved reading levels in a matter of weeks.

Visit reversingdyslexia.com for more information or drphyllisbooks.com to learn more about how to become a Books Neural Therapy practitioner.

Quinn Knows How It Feels To Be Embarrassed

Quinn, at 15, was embarrassed by not being able to read or remember the months of the year. After BNT, well…you can see it in his smile when he talks about reciting the months of the year after just three sessions of BNT.

In her book Reversing Dyslexia: Improving Learning and Behavior Without Drugs, chiropractor and clinical nutritionist Dr. Phyllis Books presents a bold new perspective on a diagnosis that has traditionally been considered permanent. Considering both the neurology and the anatomy of the condition, she offers solid evidence and realistic hope that dyslexia can indeed be reversed.

Reading And Homework Is Easier After Dyslexia Treatment

Before BNT, homework, reading and comprehension were all very difficult and tiring. After BNT, these things are easier and not so challenging.

After BNT Treatment, Jonathan No Longer Dreads Homework

Jonathan talks about no longer dreading homework. His athletic skills also improved. He went thru Books Neural Therapy choosing the 10 week program. His mother held back tears when talking about his treatment just 3 days into it.

Lakota’s Reading Improved Six Grade Levels

Fifteen-year-old Lakota says he can think after BNT. His reading improved six grade levels in one year!

Davi Says BNT Dyslexia Treatment Is Perfect

BNT Treatment can give you the relief you need in order to finally get a clear head. If you’re struggling with Dyslexia, ADHD, allergies, lack of focus, trouble reading or writing, check out drphyllisbooks.com to see how treatment can help you.

Jack Is Having Fun Reading And Writing After BNT

Jackson reports that after BNT treatment for focus and allergy treatment, he is able to sleep better and focus on–even enjoy–reading and writing like never before!

BNT Dyslexia Treatment Is Fun…And There’s A Dog!

Is BNT Dyslexia Treatment with @Dr. Phyllis Books scary? No, It’s pretty fun! And there’s even a great dog there to keep you company while your worries melt away and your focus reaches new levels, allowing you to read and write like never before!

Books Neural Therapy ADHD Treatment

“Coming to see Dr. Books helped me to do things easier that were harder before.”

Abby Talks About Dyslexia Symptoms Being Cleared

Abby talks about her Books Neural Therapy treatments 3 years later.

BethAnn Is Freed From Dysgraphia And Dyslexia

Reversing Dyslexia: Several families share testimonials for Dr. Phyllis Books’ BNT Treatment.

Bethann’s WRAT (Wide-Range Achievement Test) scores went up three reading grade levels after three weeks of BNT treatment!

Former Dyslexic Child Advocates For BNT

“Well, if you are having trouble with anything at school, and you have very bad dyslexia, and it really troubles you. You need to go to Dr. Books, she is a very helpful person, and she will make you all better. It made me feel so much better after I finished, helped so much.”

I Feel More Like Me…Who I Really Am.

“I felt extremely dumb seeing other kids totally surpass me. I was stressed out and had huge test taking phobia. After treatment, it was as if one day the heavy cloak I’d been wearing all my life, was suddenly lifted off. I felt so much lighter and happier. Test taking anxiety disappeared and my writing skills improved dramatically. Now I can actually have fun again. I don’t dread homework. Overall I am happier, feel better about myself, and I feel more like me ..who I really am.”

~Quinn Parish-Butler

Books Neural Therapy Testimonial: The Hoisingtons

Lasting Results! Five years after changing his dyslexic brain naturally with BNT, Johnny and mom share how successful he is five years after being treated by dyslexia & learning disability expert, Dr. Phyllis Books.

~The Hoisingtons, Johnny And His Mom

Best Report Card Ever

“I got my report card today. This is the best report card I’ve ever got. And also today in volleyball I got picked to be on the volleyball team.”

~Matt Scoggins (Age 11)

My Reading Has Improved Tremendously

When I first came I was an average baseball player, but now I can hit the ball, catch and throw it a lot better. My reading has improved tremendously. I’m not sore in my neck and shoulders.

~Chuck Laird (Age 11)

I Don’t Have To Shut Down And Hide Anymore

“I don’t have to shut down and hide anymore. I can read and I can be successful now! Before I didn’t think about college because I was scared I would fail. Now I have all these options open which I didn’t have before.”

~BethAnn Davis

I Want To Get To The Root Of The Problem

“I go to Dr. Books because I don’t want to just take drugs and treat the symptoms. I want to get to the root of the problem.”


Testimonials From Kids With Dyslexia:

Dr. Phyllis Books’ Success Stories

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Our holistic, neuroscience-based approach to reversing dyslexia, ADHD, ADD, and other learning challenges has an 80% success rate.

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