Testimonials From Adults With Dyslexia:

Dr. Phyllis Books’ Success Stories

“I was coming because I had had enough. I wanted to get better. I read her book, and decided I was coming.…If you want to run better, if you want everything to improve in your life and run more efficiently, I don’t know how you couldn’t benefit from BNT.”

How To Make Fear, Anxiety And Trauma Disappear: Books Neural Therapy Liberates Star And Melissa

Star speaks after her 7-day intensive with Dr. Phyllis Books receiving a customized Books Neural Therapy Program. Learn how to release fear, anxiety, and trauma on those closest to you with BNT training.

My brother’s Life Was Changed At The Age Of 50 After Seeing Dr. Books

My brother’s life was changed at the age of 50 after seeing Dr. Books. He was really troubled as a kid. He was hyperactive, got hit for using the wrong hand; school was a nightmare for him. In fact, it was so traumatic for him, he left the country and hasn’t lived in the USA during his entire adult life. He went through Neuro Boot Camp and came out reading. He stayed with me for several weeks and absolutely devoured every book he could put his hand on. Last year, he asked for a Kindle as his Christmas present, so he can continue to read wherever he is living in the world. Neuro BootCamp was a miracle for my brother!

Free From Dyslexia: 3x More Income, Better Reading, Comprehension And Sleep

“I can sit still during meetings now. Business has continued to grow. I’m able to read at a higher rate. My biggest thing is the comprehension. I felt some shifts just from today, and I’m excited to see how it affects me as a business owner and a father and a husband… My business in the last six months has increased three fold in terms of my personal income… I’m sleeping better, I’m reading better, I’m able to be more creative.”

Doctoral Student Improves Memory And Concentration With Dr. Phyllis Books -BNT

Melissa talks about having less anxiety taking the boards to be certified as a Doctor of Chiropractic. Her ease of learning, improved memory, and concentration all contribute to her confidence.

Nick Discovered His Dyslexia As An Adult And Found Help With BNT

“For these 39 years I have been going around not knowing that I had forms of dyslexia and ADHD… My ability for my language to flow fluently and to have confidence in the words I am speaking now is incredible… I feel whole, as one. I am excited to go out and see what the future will bring form myself and my family.” Nick talks about discovering he had dyslexia as an adult, not knowing it before. He also shares about his experience getting treatment from Dr. Books at Books Neural Therapy. “The changes have been amazing”. #AdultDyslexia

Her ADHD Is Under Control, She’s Better At Sports, And She’s More Organized.

Five months after completing BNT therapy, Julia reports feeling that things are smoother, an ease with life. She is finishing tasks way ahead of schedule, connecting tasks more easily than she could before. Physically, she is feeling more coordinated and more successful in sports.

Alec Finds Excitement In Life After BNT, And Has A New Desire To Create And Travel

“There’s been a lot of new exciting things happening… My outlook was a lot bleaker, I didn’t have any plans… Now I want to do more things, I have a desire to create now.” Alec discusses his life before Books Neural Therapy and how it contrasts with his life now. He was apathetic, played a lot of video games in his room and generally couldn’t get excited about much of anything. Post-BNT, he is excited about and more engaged in life. He is looking to travel more and has a desire to create now that was lacking in the past.

Father And Son Came In For Reading, Allergies, And Behavior

Dad can read to his son now! Father and son both improved quickly and the whole family can see progress.

Bethanie’s Husband Reports On his Wife’s New Efficiency, Less Anxiety, And More Confident

Bethanie’s husband talks about the change in anxiety and indecision in his wife and how it’s changed their dynamic as parents.

Dysgraphia And Spelling Improves With BNT Treatment

This went beyond his expectations for improvement after Dr. Phyllis Books treats him for his learning challenges.

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Dr. Phyllis Books’ Success Stories: Testimonials From Adults With Dyslexia

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Our holistic, neuroscience-based approach to reversing dyslexia, ADHD, ADD, and other learning challenges has an 80% success rate.

Dyslexia can be reversed in as little as 5 days using the Books Neural Therapy™ system.