Solving Your Toughest Cases - Video 3

Front Upper Core Centering Reflex (Front UCCR)

This third video comes from one of the 17 modules in our “Building the Foundation” Level 1 course.

This Level 1 course teaches all the core exercises and areas for light touch on the body that will provide a solid neurological foundation and get the body’s “wiring” completely in sync.  You will see significant improvements and advancements once this Level 1 course has been completed in the areas of: motor movements and physical coordination, reading readiness skills, emotional evenness, behavior, self-confidence and being comfortable in “one’s skin.”

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The Front UCCR (also called visual righting reflex) is located just at the boney edge of the eyebrow where the eyebrow begins on the nose side. We need the information from our eyes to coordinate with the information from the lower part of our body. We need to make sure the information is connected side to side, top to bottom, and front to back so your client’s physical movements and eye movements while reading are smooth and coordinated.

pic.44 – Front UCCR Location (1)


pic.45 – Front UCCR Location (2)


  1. Begin with the client’s right arm as the “indicator muscle” for the muscle test.
  2. Face the client and place your right index finger just barely above the eyebrow where the eyebrow begins on the nose side. There is a tiny notch you can feel (called the supraorbital ridge) and that is where your finger goes.  If you can’t really feel that, you can put your finger over the beginning of the eyebrow (closest to the nose) and you’ll probably have touched it.
  3. Lying flat, the client has their arm raised to 90 degrees and your left hand is on the client’s wrist, trying to push their arm downward towards their feet.
  4. You will test the Front UCCR over each eye, one at a time.
  • If the muscle stays strong, there is no alignment needed.
  • If the arm twitches or goes weak and is pushed downward, the Front UCCR needs Realignment.

Your Next video will show the realignment.

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