Nutrition can and does play a major role in your overall health. Dr. Books holds two board certifications in nutrition. Health is not merely the absence of disease. And health, she says, is not found in a pill or potion. She will help you determine where and how nutrition and diet can be affecting you adversely, and patiently guide you to healthy solutions.

She may utilize blood, saliva, urine and hair analysis as well as computerized testing and questionnaires to help figure out where the problems lie. She is big believer in natural. common sense solutions. Her well rounded approach to health includes balancing nutrition and body chemistry with other factors and stressors in your work and home environment.

Diet vs. Nutrition

Diet is what one eats and drinks. Nutrition is what happens inside the body as a result of what one eats and drinks. Stress, emotions and brain chemistry can all affect how your body assimilates foods.

Good nutrition happens when we provide ourselves with all the nutrients we need in adequate amounts and in a form the body can absorb and utilize. Because today’s soil itself is depleted in nutrients and because we have more and more genetically modified foods, we may need to take additional nutrition in the form of vitamins and neutraceuticals. Again, Dr. Books is degreed and trained in providing qualified nutritional advice.

“I go to Dr. Books because I don’t want to just take drugs and treat the symptoms. I want to get to the root of the problem.”

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The Role Nutrition Plays in Disease

Nutritional deficiency is one of the basic reasons for aging and disease. The Surgeon General’s Nutrition and Health Report of 1998 states that 685 of all deaths ((2-3 million) are nutrition related. Embracing good dietary and supplemental nutrition increases our chances of preventing or postponing many of the diseases that negatively impact our quality of life, such as heart diseases, some cancers, diabetes, and others good nutrition can provide the foundation for successful treatment.

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