Non-Force Chiropractic

At Books Family Health Center you will be treated with a very gentle, non-force, non-invasive form of chiropractic to begin the healing process without pharmaceuticals or surgery.

Dr. Books is known for her gentle, non-force methods of alignment. She is trained in more than 25 techniques and has trademarked her innovative non-drug therapy for learning and behavior problems (Books Neural Therapy ™). She has taught her techniques across the USA, Europe and Australia. Her alma mater granted her the honor of Outstanding International Alumni for her contributions.

In a typical chiropractic consultation with Dr. Books, you will be gently adjusted using state-of-the-art instruments as well as hand-on treatment from head to toe. The goal is not “crack your neck” into realignment, but to carefully adjust your spine in the areas that affect your vital systems and their functioning.

Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique( B.E.S.T.)is one of her favorite  methods which utilizes our own magnetic and electrical forces, to realign and relax  naturally and painlessly. People say their pain just melts away when she holds various points around their body.

Dr. Books incorporates traditional chiropractic philosophy with keen listening and diagnostic skills, to help your body feel better than ever.

“Dr. Books’ method is noninvasive and quick, easy and painless. What she’s done for my neck is just amazing.”
BFHC patient


“She is a combination of a brain surgeon, a psychiatrist and Mother Theresa,”
California patient


“I’ve only been going to Dr. Books for six weeks. She’s done more for me in that short period than in the whole year and a half I saw those other doctors. I’m just as happy as a lark.”

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Chiropractic is not “new,” although it celebrated its 100th anniversary in this country not long ago. As old as recorded history, cave wall paintings depict “chiropractic adjustments” (called “bone setting” in china). According to Dr. Mancini, president of Parker University, two basic premises support chiropractic care. First, the body is designed to heal itself. “Our bodies have a miraculous ability to heal themselves when they are functioning properly,” Mancini states. “Secondly, the body is controlled by the nervous system, brain, the spinal cord, and the nerves that go to all the cells in the body. When the body has nerve interference primarily in the spine – the body’s electrical system malfunctions. The cells do not make the proper nerve communication and a person may become ill,” according to Mancini. “It is through treatment of the spine and by encompassing the many factors that affect health including fitness, nutrition, and self awareness that Chiropractors help patients achiever relief from many conditions and ultimately maintain healthy lifestyles.”

Dr. Books appeared on K-EYE 42’s local Austin, Texas news program and discussed alternative medicine.