Functional / Integrative Medicine

Dr. Phyllis Books offers two testing methods for understanding what is going on behind the scenes in your health.

  1. ARL: Tissue Mineral Hair Analysis
  2. Neurogistics -Neurotransmitter Analysis
ARL: Tissue Mineral Hair Analysis Explained Below

Tissue Mineral Analysis

Toxic heavy metals like lead, aluminum and mercury may be effecting you or your child’s behavior or your ability to assimilate nutrients. You may be taking in nutrients and think you’re doing a great job but your body might not be processing the good food that you’re feeding it.  This test will show what’s going on with minerals or general nutrition levels in your body.  We will find out why your body may not be cooperating when you are trying so hard.

We do this test by taking a small snippet of hair from the nape of the neck, in a discrete area.  We send that into Analytical Research Labs, who conducts a very accurate analysis.  Dr. Books has used this test for 25 years.  She has experienced amazing changes in her health by using it as her monitoring device.  It takes approximately 10 days for the lab to return the results to our office. The results come in the form of a 2-5 page summary of what was found.  The information should be read at least twice, then a nutritional consultation should be scheduled. During the consult what needs to be done to get you back into balance will be discussed.  Patients love this piece of information because it is loaded with facts and associations about behavior issues, sugar handling issues and things that might otherwise not make sense.

A chart is included that shows how far mineral and metal levels might be out of normal range.  Such as copper, which has to do with moods, sugar handling and behavior issues; Zinc, which is coppers paired companion like a teeter tougher. When one is high the other is low.  We will look at how to bring these minerals into balance.  Aluminum, which causes Alzheimer’s and learning problems should never be present in the body.  If you have certain metals and minerals in your body and they aren’t being excreted, we will talk about how we can get these out of your body.  Heavy metals are stored in the fat cells of the body.  You can, for instance, work with homeopathics to aid in getting rid of these poisons.

You will be given this booklet to read that includes a visual chart and summary.  There are pages of information on why each of these nutrients are important, what they do in your body, what happens when they’re out of balance and what it takes to get back into balance.  It will reveal where the problems that you’re seeing might stem from.  It’s very concrete, logical and helpful information delivered in a way that you can digest and use as a template to bring your body into balance.  Dr. Books has used it for years and finds it very helpful.

A patient reports on her experience of learning about her condition from the hair analysis.