Emotional Integration

Dr. Books’ degrees in education and communication come in handy when listening “behind the words” to what is going on in someone’s life. Physical pain or learning and behavior issues may have brought people in the door. But often there is more going on than meets the eye. People often come to see Dr. Books when they’ve been everywhere and tried everything…and there is still a problem.

Children can feel her acceptance of them when they walk in the door. “There was this kind of instant bond, and my son (who doesn’t even like to be near strangers) felt comfortable with her immediately.”

Adults are amazed when she zeroes in on an emotional trigger or some issue that is affecting someone’s overall health. She is trained in several different emotional clearing techniques. Others shrug their shoulders and say, “She just has a gift. There’s no explaining it.”

“You cleaned me out. My memories of the surgery were bloody, messy and painful. And you cleared it all. Before my abdomen was so tender, no one could even touch it let alone put pressure on it. You had an awareness of my internal environment, not just my organs. You dared go where other people had been afraid. You allowed the healing to happen. You cleaned me out – totally – and reconnected me to myself again.

You reconnected my legs to my torso. When I stood up after that session, my body felt different and I walked differently and connected to the ground differently.”

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