Concussions / Mild Head Injuries

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) and concussions are two of the most misdiagnosed and mishandled health concerns in both children and adults. Either can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime, in the course of a second – in auto, sport or work-related accidents, household falls, or physical assault.

After a head injury or concussion, it is possible to experience:

  • jaw problems
  • migraines
  • vision problems
  • digestion problems
  • balance issues
  • neck and back issues
  • anger issues
  • changes in personality and behavior

Dr . Books first became interested in head injuries while working with children and adults with learning differences and ADHD. Since then, she has done much investigation and post graduate work in neurology, trauma, and the many ways unresolved head injuries or concussions can play out in our everyday lives. She is experienced in working with mild to moderate head injuries. She utilizes Books Neural Therapy ™ to help clear the shock from the body and to realign the bones and tissues and re-establish natural body rhythms.

“I had a biking accident that landed me in the emergency ward. My helmet was broken but the hospital said I was fine. But I wasn’t fine at all. I couldn’t remember things, spell, etc. My personality changed (not for the better). After several months of barely surviving, another doctor referred me to Dr. Books. Within days, I started noticing changes. Over Christmas vacation, I read two novels (I couldn’t read more than a few pages before; and then I couldn’t remember what I just read). Now it’s three years later. I finished my degree and I’m getting on with my life.”

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