Chronic Health Problems

Dr. Books is part detective, part medical intuitive, and just plain has years of experience under her belt. She incorporates traditional western and eastern philosophies with keen listening and diagnostic skills to help uncover hidden patterns and issues. Her Master’s degree is Communication comes in handy when ferreting out solutions to complex health issues involving physical pain, nutrition, brain chemistry, emotional issues, family dynamics and overall health.

She is considered the doctor’s doctor and the teacher’s teacher. She has mentored and been the role model for many doctors and has received many honorary awards for her caring and service both here and abroad.

“When people have gone a lot of other routes without achieving their goals, Dr. Books should be the one they go to, because she will figure it out. She can look at the person as a whole and consider all the angles and all the possible treatments. And if she ever finds an area she can’t cover, she’ll refer you to the best doctor.”

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