Biofeedback Services

Neurofeedback is a form of Biofeedback which has been around for almost 40 years. In spite of large volumes of good research, it is still considered controversial and unproven in traditional medical and insurance realms.

Biofeedback utilizes sensors placed on the head to send signals to the brain in an attempt to normalize brain waves. It is especially effective for ADHD, various learning and behavior issues, and head injuries. Biofeedback emphasizes stress reduction which helps normalize brain function.

“Friends at work were telling me I was really ADD. My wife pointed out my road rage (It wasn’t really that bad, I thought). After two biofeedback sessions, I got really mellow. My wife was happy because I followed through on chores at home and wasn’t so angry at other drivers on the road.”


“The combination of biofeedback, Books Neural Therapy, and nutrition was really helpful for our son. Doing all three things during sessions helped him turn around in a matter of a few months.”

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