Books Neural Therapy™ Practitioner Certification Guidelines

Books Neural Therapy™ Level 1-3 Certification Package (Gold Level)

Required Reading: a) Reversing Dyslexia by Phyllis Books b) House of Miracles by Bernice Dotz

Suggested Reading: Carla Hanford’s Smart Moves, Peter Levines’ Waking the Tiger, Sally Goddard’s books on primitive reflexes., Jane Healy’s Your Child’s Growing Mind; George Goodheart’s Applied Kinesiology; anything by John Upledger on Cranial Sacral Technique, Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine

Helpful related courses: Brain Gym; Touch for Health; Cranial Sacral Technique classes

How to get started with Books Neural Therapy™ Levels 1-3:

1. Click here for course content or click here to register.

This allow access to one year of Online course and 9 days of LIVE Skills Practicums.

2) Begin online classes at specified dates. Classes are structured to begin 3-4 times a year. See dates for upcoming classes here.

a) Familiarize you with concepts and principles of BNT

b) See demonstrations of anatomical landmark and hand positions

c) Increase your ability to absorb LIVE trainings information

d) Interact with online instructor before and between each level of Live classes

3) Sign up for and Receive entire series of BNT sessions from a Certified BNT Practitioner before completing Level One online and Live class (Note: Fees for this are included in your Certification Package Pricing. If you decide to sign up for BNT training after you receive BNT, you may qualify for a partially reduced total fee.)

4) Sign up for LIVE Skills Trainings – consists of 9 days of classes delivered in 3-day segments on 3 sequential months to allow maximum integration of content. Check schedule for times and locations.

Note: if you need more LIVE practicum experience before seeking BNT Practitioner Certification and Licensure:

  • Many students need to take all three BNT Live Skills Training Levels1-3 two times
  • Attend additional LIVE Skills Practicum in that same time for 70% off.

How to Become a Certified and Licensed Books Neural Therapy™ Practitioner:

  1. Complete all live and online levels 1-3 of BNT Certification Package
  2. Receive BNT entire series of sessions from a BNT Certified Practitioner
  3. Pass a written and practical exam (in person or if overseas by Skype)
  4. Submit License to touch (according to state; some states require no license and you will not be diagnosing)
  5. Submit notes on sessions for BNT1-3 on 4 clients
  6. Write 200 words on how you see yourself utilizing BNT
  7. Certification subject to written approval of Dr. Books and the Books Institute Advisory Board
  8. Once you become Certified and Licensed (licensing automatically begins 12 months after beginning class assuming certification requirements are met within 12 months) you will be listed on the website as a Certified Licensed BNT Practitioner.

Note: If you require longer than a year to become certified, see Enrollment Agreement for one-time additional year requirements.

The Difference Between Certification and Licensing:

Please note the difference between Certification and Licensing.  Certification assures your technical competence in performing BNT. Licensing allows you the legal right to perform BNT.  Both are required for you to practice BNT.

You will note in #8, you have a year from the time you begin your BNT training to become proficient and certified. After the first year, you will also become licensed and will pay regular fees for that (much as Microsoft has you pay for the right to use their branded products). This assures quality control and brand recognition which is good for your long term success.

Books Neural Therapy™ Mastery / Mentoring Package (Platinum Level)

Required Reading: Same as Gold Level.

Suggested Reading: Same as Gold Level.

Helpful related courses: Same as Gold Level.

How to get started with Books Neural Therapy™ Mastery / Mentoring:

  • Complete all Gold Level BNT™ Levels 1-3
  • Observing /Shadowing Dr. Books with 6-10 BNT Clients (any combination of 10-week sessions or 5-10-day intensives)
  • Take chart notes of client’s sessions
  • Perform BNT entire process for 5-10 clients at Books Family Health Center with partial supervision from Dr. Books and Staff.
  • Grand Rounds case study discussions
  • Coach for online support calls for BNT classes for duration of mentorship

Books Neural Therapy™ Teacher Certification

  • Assists BNT Certified Trainers during LIVE Level 1-3 classes
  • Provide table instruction and assistance during classes
  • Call-in coach for online class support
  • Certification granted to be a primary LIVE practicum instructor on an individual basis by Dr. Books and the Books Institute Advisory Board.

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