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Steve’s family was in a dilemma. One parent and one sibling wanted him committed to a mental facility, because he seemed schizophrenic and potentially violent. The other parent was searching for other solutions. Steve was 27 at the time, but since the age of 16, his life had gone downhill. No one knew why.

As it turns out, Steve played soccer for years, and by the age of 15 his father took him to the emergency ward at least five times. When I heard that piece of the puzzle, I agreed to work with Steve; not on the possible psychiatric issues, but simply on the head injuries.

Research verifies that high levels of cortisol (a stress hormone) and lower levels of serotonin (often associated with depression) often follow concussions.  If  I could help release the trauma from those multiple injuries, it might be possible to normalize the cortisol and serotonin levels, to help Steve regain his pre-injury way of being.

That is exactly what happened.  Within days of our sessions, Steve’s attitude changed.  He began thinking more positively. Within two months, he had a new job and a new outlook on life.  His father called me — three times at Thanksgiving and three times at Christmas — to thank me for giving him his son back and for turning his son’s life around.
How did I do it? Over the past 30 years, I have learned a lot about the brain and the nervous system.  More importantly, I have learned how to help people become free of the obstacles that result from a tangled up, incoherent nervous system. For many years, I focused on helping children and adults with dyslexia and ADHD, as all learning and behavioral issues have a neurological component. The same principles apply in all areas of life.

Do you ever find yourself making silly mistakes?  Or making poor choices? Or being nearly derailed from a chance for advancement in your workplace?  Freeing the nervous system is one way of “getting your head on straight” and making choices from a cohesive and calm neurology; a nervous system that supports you and nourishes you, a nervous system that frees you to be healthy and make wise decisions.

Neural Freedom is our birthright, yet many people are not living up to their full potential.  The way to achieve this “neural integration” is totally within your reach.  And I am totally passionate about helping people achieve this newfound freedom.

Our nervous system conducts the flow of information within our bodies, sending messages to the brain and then back out through the body. If we are in good “working order,” all of those messages get to the right place at the right time. If, for some reason, there is a traffic jam along the route, expect long jams and delays – and then lack of neural integration can lead to a breakdown in health and well-being.

The nervous system has the equivalent of super highways, which send signals at lightning speed; it also has the equivalent of back roads, which become the only choice when there is interference preventing you from traveling in the fast lane.

Neural Freedom has five principles; all rely heavily on Books Neural Therapy™, my innovative, yet back-to-basics approach:

Principle 1: Until the basic communication highways are open and free, and neural efficiency is at its peak, no other significant progress can be made. Think of it this way: If we compare the central nervous system, with its various paths and channels, to send and deliver information to an elaborate highway system, the neural efficiency is how quickly and easily signals travel along that highway.

If that super highway is blocked — the boulders in the way of the whole body/brain communication can be anatomical, chemical and emotional — and the body needs to use “back roads,” on the one hand it is wonderful that our brains are sophisticated enough to make the compensation, and on the other hand – and this is critical – when our central nervous system does not work smoothly, it becomes dysregulated and incoherent. Sometimes the signals get lost and never make it to their destination.

Imagine yourself behind the wheel when you come upon a traffic jam that stretches for miles. You hear sirens in the distance. You could wait it out, or you could get off the highway; try to find an alternate route and pray you do not get lost. That is what neural inefficiency is like: back roads are used to send signals in the brain-body communication system.

Wouldn’t it be better, though, to clear the main roads of obstacles and keep it clear?

Principle 2: Low IQ is not what we need to look at in terms of efficiency. What we need to concern ourselves with is what I like to call low IfQ, or “interference quotient,” as that is what truly determines learning, behavior and health. Our IfQ can be blown out of proportion when our reptilian brain (our basic, survival brain) hijacks the higher logical centers of the brain and leaves us “out of control.” If you have minimal roadblocks, your IfQ will be low, which will allow your intelligence and performance to reveal your true potential.

Principle 3: Inherited anatomical patterns, such as the shape and placement of the skull, eye sockets, jaw and eye fascia, as well as trauma to the whole body’s anatomy, can interrupt learning and performance channels.

In my practice, these roadblocks are addressed with gentle, hands-on repeated stimulation, until a new neural signature takes hold and replaces the less efficient system.
Principle 4: Emotional stress as well as physical or emotional shock accumulates in children and adults, creating roadblocks in these neural highways.

Neural Freedom utilizes Books Neural Therapy™ to address these deep layers of dysregulation and help redirect the traffic in the nervous system to build healthier pathways. One of the methods used to address these non-verbal layers is stimulation of 16 eye codes that access different brain wavelengths and brain areas.

Principle 5: Chemical influences, like sugar and allergies, can inflame the brain and shut down the passage of information among various organs and the brain itself.

Neural Freedom addresses nutritional and allergy components to internal“hazardous weather and travel conditions,” such as brain fog and headaches, by acupressure-like touch, to send redirecting signals until
the “conditions are safe for travel” again.

Two wildly different learning issues, dyslexia and ADHD, share commonalities, and they contain problems such as neurological dysregulation and incorrect timing and synchronization issues. Many chronic health conditions and peak job or athletic performance issues also stem from these incoherent signals. In other words, the neurology and the way signals are transported from place to place are compromised, and there are roadblocks causing delays and increased IfQs.

By utilizing the innovations offered with Neural Freedom, you can increase your productivity and results, whether you are a student with learning and behavior challenges, a business person who needs to work more efficiently or someone who knows there has to be a better way to go through life.

Neural Freedom and Books Neural Therapy™ lead you down the path to neural integration, allowing you to “soar with the eagles” instead of limping through life on the back roads. It worked for Steve and his family, and it has worked for the thousands of patients I feel so privileged to have helped.

–Dr. Phyllis Books