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In the Dark is a non-fiction film that follows people with dyslexia and Dr. Phyllis Books, a holistic doctor in Austin, Texas who works to reverse the symptoms. Coming Soon – August 2018

Dr. Phyllis Books on an episode of “Well Adjusted Mama” with Dr. Laura Brayton discussing solutions for children with learning challenges.

Media Highlights

 2006 to Present





Meet Dr. Books: Brain Changer for Game Changers” Austin MD Magazine, January 2016, Pages 38-30

Kids and Electronics: To Worry or Not to Worry” AUSTINMD Magazine, Sept./Oct 2015, Pages 44-45

Gaming… and Some Healthy Solutions: Negative Effects on the Young Male’s Mind” AUSTINMD Magazine, July/Aug 2014, Pages Dr. Books.Gaming article image12-13

Changing Futures, One Patient at a Time”, AUSTINMD Magazine, May/June 2014, Pages 58-59

“Neural Freedom”, AUSTINMD Magazine, March/April 2014, Page 22

Keeping Cool this Yule: When ADHD Gets the Blood Boiling”, AUSTINMD Magazine, Nov/Dec 2013, Page 42-43

Aligning the Body and the Mind”, AUSTINMD Magazine, Page 44-45, Sept/Oct 2013

A Unique Approach to Dyslexia”, AUSTINMD Magazine, Page 45, July 2013

  • Publishers Weekly Book Review 9/16/2013
  • Library Journal Review 9/16/2013
  • National Touch For Health Convention, Greenville, S. Carolina: Cracking the Dyslexia Code, 2011
  • Channel KEYE television, Austin, Texas: Cranial Sacral Therapy, 2005; Alternative Medicine, Non Drug Therapy for Kids, 2006
  • Channel 8, Fox News, Austin, Texas: Allergy Elimination, 2007
  • Peoples Pharmacy Radio Show, Austin, Tx , Economic Stress and how it Affects your Health, 2008-2014; frequent speaker and co-host – ongoing
  • Channel KOOP Radio, Austin, Texas, The Austin Visioning Collaborative; Falling in Love with your Life ; the Meaning of Personal Freedom, 2005
  • Channel KIXL Radio, Austin, Texas, Non-Drug Therapies for children with ADD, 2005
  • The Crossings, Austin, Texas, Non-Drug Alternatives for ADD/ADHD, 2005
  • Association on Women in Communication, Austin, Texas: Breaking the Tower of Babel Syndrome, 2005
  • IAACN National Conference, New Orleans: Treating Clinical Depression in Children, 2004
  • Whole Foods, Austin: ADD the Natural Approach 2005
  • The Crossings, Austin, Texas: Cleansing from the Inside Out,, 2005 and 2006
  • Whole Foods, Austin, Texas: Cranial Sacral Therapy , 2005
  • SOTO-USA Pediatric Conference, Phoenix, Upgrade your Brain, 2002
  • California Lutheran University, Los Angeles, : Neurophysiology of Learning, 2001

Media Highlights 1989 - 1999 - Click Here to Read More

Parker Seminars, Las Vegas, Dallas, etc. Brain, Body and Behavior, 1999-

Neuroscience Conference, Italy: Conscious and Unconscious Aspects of Human Emotion Evoked Through Touch, 1998

IASK, Melbourne, Australia: Freeing the Prisoner Within, 1994

IASK, Tucson, AZ: Atlas: The Roadmap of Your Internal Geography

Mering, Germany: Handicaps: Visible and Invisible, 1996

Channel 39, KVTV television, Dallas: Breakthroughs with Learning Disabilities, 1987

Parker College: Pediatrics, Learning Disabilities, S.O.T., Practice Building, 1987-

Chiropractic Center of Irving: Optimum Health, Spinal Care, Nutrition, How to Sugar Proof Your House, How to Detect Learning Differences

Richland College, Financial Planning for Women, 1980

North Lake College, Women in Chiropractic, 1987

Brookhollow Country Club: Estate Planning for the 80’s, 1980

Connecticut General: Business Valuations: Choosing the Correct Charitable Trust, 1978

Renaissance Education Association: Preventative Health, 1987

Irving Women’s Network: Your Body is a Mirror, 1987

Women in Computing: Hidden Learning Disabilities, 1988

Unity Church of Dallas: Secrets of Healthy Living, 1988

Celebration of Life Church: The Body Electric, 1989

Arlington School System In-service training: Nutrition and Learning Disabilities, 1989

Creative Learning Institute: Straight Talk on Learning Differences, 1989

National Association of Women Executives: How Your Health Is Affected By Your Workplace, 1989

Parker College: Surviving Assault, 1989

Family 2000 Conference (San Francisco): Enhancing Your Child’s Learning Styles, 1992

Co-host: KCEO Radio, Wake up America series, 1993

Quantum Healing Center: How to Stay Healthy, Healing vs. Curing, 1993

SORSI National Convention: Pediatric Learning Disabilities, 1989

Dr. Phyllis Books' Teaching Experience

  • Brain Gym International, Bali, Reversing Dyslexia, 2013
  • Sacral Occipital Technique, Dyslexia and ADHD, in Atlanta, 2012
  • Brain Gym International, Dyslexia Turned Around, 2012
  • TFH (Touch for Health National Conference) Cracking the Dyslexia Code, 2011
  • Cleaning from the Inside Out, The Crossings, Austin, Tx 2006-2008
  • Books Neural Therapy, USA, 2002-present
  • Applied Structural and Social Integration Society International (ASSISI™) Europe, USA, 1994 –
  • Stages of Healing, Amsterdam, 1994
  • Awareness and Intention in Healing Training, Munich, Germany, 1996
  • Atlas Inside Out, Melbourne, Australia, 1994
  • Healing the Healers, Dallas, 1987
  • Fundamental Management Shifts, AT&T, N. Jersey, 1982
  • Lead Instructor: SORSI, Omaha, 1989-92
  • Table Instructor: SORSI, Omaha, 1987-8
  • Table Instructor: Medicine in the 21st Century, Kyoto, Japan, 1989
  • Healing the Healers, Leyden, Netherlands, 1994

Invite Dr. Phyllis Books to Speak

Dr. Phyllis Books is an internationally-recognized dyslexia specialist/innovator and
sought after media expert on the topics of dyslexia, learning challenges, nutrition,
wellness and self-renewal, and children’s empowerment.

View Dr. Books’ Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Books Speaking at the International Brain Gym Conference in Bali July 2013

Defining Dyslexia, The New Paradigm 2011

Popular Speaking Topics

Her popular topics include Brain Development, Brain Health, Nutrition and Parent/Child Concerns

  • Reclaim Your Brain │Neurophysiology of Learning│How to Remove Fear’s Deep Role in the Dyslexic Brain │ Becoming a Tourist in the Map of the Child’s Brain │ What Dyslexia Is Not
  • Emotional Affects of Gluten Sensitivity and Celiac Disease │ Helping Children Recover Self Esteem, Retrain Their Brain, and Reclaim Their Ability to Learn │ Creating a System That Works for Your Child │
  • Invisible Handicaps: What You Can’t See Is What You Need to See * Parents – Rescue Your Child Before It’s Too Late │ Correcting Brain Weaknesses │ Upgrade Your Brain │ What’s Wrong Here? Your Child or the System?
  • Your Child’s Brain Is Not Just About Grades │ Exposing the Untruths Parents Are Told │ We Aren’t Wired to Read │ 5 Keys to Harnessing Neuroscience for Peak Performance
  • 10 Misconceptions that Hurt You and Your Child │ Bring Out the Cheerleading Squad for You and Your Child │ Kids’ Differences │ Opals and Diamonds │ I Don’t Want to Change My Child – I Want to Understand His World │ Turning Obstacles into Advantages │ Polish Your Apple

Keynote & Lecture Testimonials

Dr. Charlotte Watts“I have had the privilege of Dr. Phyllis Books speaking in my Pediatrics Course at Parker University on many occasions.

Her information and delivery are riveting. She is very engaging with the students. The students love to hear her speak and ask “When is Dr. Books returning to campus to speak to us?” You do not want to miss an opportunity to hear Dr. Books speak.”

Charlotte Watts, DC
Professor, Center for Academics
Parker University, College of Chiropractic



“Dr. Phyllis Books is a master at virtually any subject she chooses to teach.

She captivates the audience with her anecdotes and wisdom. She has the ability to educate and entertain, an important set of skills to keep the audience engaged. I’ve observed her transform an audience of skeptics to an audience of believers when she presented information about learning disabilities and her ability to resolve such conditions without the use of drugs – that is, using the methodologies she developed. She is a true master.”

Dr. Richard Kaye, former Chairman of the Board of the Sacro Occipital Research Society International (SORSI)


“I have known Dr. Phyllis Books for at least 2 decades and during that time she has shown a deeply inquisitive and integrative mind.

She has been able to see through the fog of complex conditions and patient presentations by utilizing her vast chiropractic and cranial clinical experience to develop new low risk and effective methods of care for brain trauma, developmental disabilities and conditions such as dyslexia. With multifactorial conditions we all need doctors with minds willing to dig deep and explore the myriad of causations for a patient’s dyslexia and Dr. Books manages to unravel this mystery and offer solutions.”

Dr. Charles Blum, D.C., CSCP Chair, S.O.T Research Conferences Past President of SOTO-USA

“Dr. Phyllis Books’ presentation at our national conference this year was enlightening.

Her insights and clear delineation of the differences between dyslexia, ADHD and ADD were particularly useful. She clearly has extended our understanding of how to work with these children.”

Larry Green
Director, Touch For Health Kinesiology Association



“Dr. Phyllis Books shares her knowledge in a well-organized and interesting way,captivating her audience with examples and stories, sharing practical and usable information.

Her professionalism shines through her presentation.”

Ellen Fannin

Director of Special Activities, Unity Church of the Hills



“I met Phyllis Books while working as a Medical Reporter for a CBS affiliate in Austin, Texas.

In television interviews she spoke of alternative and supplemental methods to help people suffering from ADHD and migraines. Books is a compassionate practitioner who seems driven by the desire to help.”

Seema Mathur
Medical Voice Productions/Global Voice Productions