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To help you reverse dyslexia in your child and transform their life. Dr. Phyllis Books, dyslexia specialist and Doctor of Chiropractic, gives you:

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Reverse dyslexia in your child – not just cover it up. If you are a loving parent and want the very best for your child, Dr. Books shares the exact tools used to help reverse dyslexia in hundreds of children across the country. Discover the tools and techniques that have taken her decades to learn, including things no teacher could ever address in the classroom. It all starts with the Free Dyslexia No More Kit.

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Brainercises are a series of fun, simple body coordination movements (6 in total) and are used to support the work of BNT™.

Books Neural Therapy™ is performed in a three level, sequence somewhat like the construction of a house. Level One is the foundation of the house, Level 2 deals with the upper floors and Level 3 is the roof that seals it all in. The Brainercises are like the floor beams and cross beams keeping the structure strong – supported by the foundation and re-enforcing the strength of the walls and roof. In neuroscience terms, they fill in the vacancies and support the new neural pathways. With repetition, the new pathways allow information to flow faster and faster through the brain and body.

The Brainercises variations support and challenge the new pathways that are being created and encourage them to hold these new patterns while assimilating new stimuli specific to brain balancing.

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Dr. Phyllis Books

Past Publication: ADD/ADHD Behaviors and the Nutritional Connection

Of the children now diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, many of the emotional manifestations such as sullenness, uncontrollable crying, temper tantrums, anxiety attacks, depression, lack of concentration, restlessness and aggressiveness can be improved or even reversed with targeted protocols designed for nutritional support.

Read this article written by Dr. Phyllis Books to find out what you can do for your child.

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