Brain Optimizer Programs

For Adults Learn how dyslexia can be reversed in as little as 5 days.

Books Neural Therapy™ (BNT) is a comprehensive combination of strategies to address various emotional, behavioral and cognitive issues that have roots in the structure and function of brain and body. It is well-known for helping dyslexia, ADHD, various learning and behavior challenges, peak cognitive performance, peak athletic performance issues in all ages, and chronic issues, such as migraines, jaw joint issues and  head injuries.

In just 1 week, this high-tech salesperson overcame 40 years of dyslexia with Dr. Phyllis Books and says she now gets a new chance at life. (3 min.)

Overview of Brain Optimizer Programs

  • Assessment

    We begin by determining your particular stresses and issues via an initial exam. Based on our findings, we will conduct baseline evaluations for your structural, neurological, emotional and chemical well-being, and to assess what parts of your brain are working well and what parts of your brain and your life could use help.

  • Sessions

    Then we begin to address the many facets of dyslexia, ADHD and other conditions and situations currently affecting performance.

    • We offer both “intensives” (5, 6 or 10 day programs) and 10 week programs, with quarterly follow ups in person or via Skype for one year.
    • Books Neural Therapy (BNT) ™ addresses the brain and body communication signals  creating a strong foundation in the physical body, the emotional body and the brain with specific fine tuning  in learning areas. BNT also addresses specific brain areas that deal with various forms of stress
    • Biofeedback addresses ADHD, emotional conflicts, and other health issues.
    • Nutritional consultation (when ADHD and emotional issues and diagnoses are present, neurotransmitter testing may also be suggested)
    • One allergen is addressed per day
    • Brainercises are performed each day (to reinforce the new neural pathways being built in the brain)
    • Emotional and other chronic concerns are addressed on an individual basis.
  • Evaluations

    Post evaluations follow so we can measure changes.

  • Transition Interview

    The Transition Interview reviews the changes, discusses new possibilities for going forward, and the importance of follow through for long term success.

  • Integration & Improvements

    Integration and improvements continue long after the initial phase of care. A plan will be mutually agreed upon to record the new changes and “new normals.”

Brain Optimizer Program Choices

Brain Optimizer


Our twice a week for 11 weeks program

Brain Optimizer


Our twice a week for 11 weeks PLUS biofeedback program (for ADHD and many other issues determined by Dr. Books)

Brain Optimizer


Our 6-day Intensive Program, Includes Biofeedback

Brain Optimizer


Our 10-day Intensive Program, includes Biofeedback

Brain Optimizer Program Comparison

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Brain Optimizer Programs™ Treatment Plan ComparisonBrain Optimizer
11 Weeks
(2X per wk)
Brain Optimizer
11 Weeks
(2X per wk)
Brain Optimizer
10-Day Intensive
10 Days
(5X/ wk x2 wks)
Brain Optimizer
6-Day Intensive
(6 days)
Initial Exam
Pre-Evaluation & Initial Report
Hair Tissue Analysis
Nutritional Consultation
Books Neural Therapy™ Sessions23232323
Brainercises (Integration Exercises) ✔
NAET Allergy Sessions2323106
Post-Evaluation and Report of Findings

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