Are you ready to break through those “stuck” places? Exhausted from trying twice as hard and accomplishing less? Hard to keep a positive attitude?

Brain Optimizer 5-Day Intensive is a six-day intensive program designed for people who want quick results with neurological processing issues, head injuries and learning and behavior problems such as dyslexia, ADHD, and other learning disabilities.

Brain Optimizer 5-Day Intensive takes the foundational Books Neural Therapy*, which normally transpires over a 2-3 month time frames, and condenses it into 5 days.  Typically, it is engaged by individuals or families traveling from out of the area, but certainly available to locals who want to completely immerse themselves in the process. Call the office at 512-331-0668 to see what is available.

*Please refer to the Books Neural Therapy page to understand exactly what is involved in this process.

Multiple appointments per day are scheduled with four follow-up integration appointments suggested on a quarterly basis. You will spend approximately five hours at the office each day for six days. (Please bring snacks and toys/games for down times).  Exercises and other suggestions during the integration period (usually twelve months) will be recommended on an individual basis.

Who Would Benefit?

  1. Individuals who want quick results with neurological, learning and behavior issues (see above)
  2. People who live far away. Many clients plan a little vacation around their 5-Day Intensive Program and stay in hotels or with relatives.
  3. Families where one or more “identified” member with neurological, learning or behavior issues is affecting the family dynamics in a downward spiraling way.

NOTE: When multiple family members sign up for care during the same five days, old beliefs and ways of looking at a situation can be shifted and the whole family unit becomes uplifted.


Are you ready to supercharge your own performance at work or play by clearing away mental, physical and emotional blockages?


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Scheduling is preferably done a minimum of four weeks ahead of actual treatment dates.  That way, if after reviewing the initial paperwork, additional blood, urine or saliva testing is needed, the results will be back before treatments and consultations begin. (Testing is an additional charge and may range from $85-$350.)

Call 512-331-0668 to set up appointments.

Please download the initial paperwork forms by Clicking Here

Fax completed forms to: 866-490-9269. Please also include any testing or reports from other professionals.

What Happens During Sessions?

Brain Optimizer 6-Day Intensive Program consists of:

1. Books Neural Therapy ™ for structural and neurological components. This includes:

  • Addressing each area of the brain and its role in learning and behavior
  • Cranial work
  • Motor and sensory channel clearing
  • TMJ work (jaw joint) and its relationship with the hips and pelvis and other centering and balancing areas
  • Physical coordination, visual and auditory processing, eye tracking; fine motor skills
  • Upgrading and streamlining neurological and brain circuits

2. Allergy testing and elimination. At least 75% of the time, individuals who qualify for BNT also have allergies. You’ll receive your report and we will clear as many as we can in eight sessions. One allergy per day will be addressed; knowing that we may not be able to complete all the allergies during the ten days.

3. Biofeedback/neurofeeback. This well-documented therapy is known to improve ADHD, head injuries and certain emotional issues.

4. Emotional clearing via Emotional Freedom Technique and Neuro Emotional Technique.

5. Chemical imbalances/nutrition. Neurotransmitters (brain chemistry); nutritional or heavy metal imbalances will be addressed in a variety of ways.

NOTE: Care credit is available if you desire financing. (Apply online at: With this option, if you qualify you can pay the amount in twelve equal monthly payments with no interest.

“My brother’s life was changed at the age of 50 after seeing Dr. Books.  He was really troubled as a kid. He was hyperactive, got hit for using the wrong hand; school was a nightmare for him.  He went through Freedom Fast Track and came out reading. He stayed with me for several weeks and absolutely devoured every book he could put his hands on.  Neuro BootCamp was a miracle for my brother!”

Get Started

If you’re ready to start, or have questions, please call me, Dr. Phyllis Books, directly at 512-331-0668 or email: