Reversing Dyslexia: Your Guide to Helping Children Recover Self-Esteem, Retrain Their Brains & Reclaim Their Ability to Learn

By Dr. Phyllis Books
Published by Square One: July 2, 2013
Paperback: 163 pages


Most people do not realize that dyslexia is more than just a reading problem. It is often accompanied by social, psychological, and even physical issues that can make many everyday tasks seem unmanageable. Whether you suffer from dyslexia yourself or are the parent of a dyslexic child, dealing with the overall challenges of this learning disorder can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, mainstream treatment focuses mainly on compensatory techniques and workarounds, not a cure, leaving dyslexics feeling hopeless and stuck. In her new book, Dr. Phyllis Books offers a new approach to dyslexia and a convincing reason to hope again. Drawing upon her vast experience and a wealth of scientific research, she declares that dyslexia can actually be reversed in a large number of cases.

Reversing Dyslexia begins by redefining dyslexia, offering the most comprehensive view of this problem yet. It describes dyslexia’s common symptoms, lists its associated conditions, and details the many theories that surround this issue. It goes on to explain how the brain develops, revealing how an improperly functioning brain may be rewired and repaired through the right combination of therapies, all of which are described in detail. It then shows how important nutrition, exercise, play, and music are to learning ability, and concludes with invaluable advice on how to choose the right school for your dyslexic child.

By providing a modern perspective on dyslexia, this book lays the groundwork for significant improvements not only in reading but also in general learning ability, emotional stability, and psychological well-being. Having worked with thousands of children, parents, and educators, Dr. Books has spent over twenty-five years disproving the idea that dyslexia is a permanent condition. Reversing Dyslexia can teach you how to disprove it as well.

Bernice Dotz
Author of House of Miracles

House of Miracles: Learning Problems? There is Help There is Hope

By Bernice Dotz
Published by iUniverse, Inc.: November 16, 2006
Paperback: 116 pages


Based on actual cases of physical, learning, and neurological problems, House of Miracles showcases the work of Dr. Phyllis Books in solving otherwise unsolvable problems. Dr. Books specializes in helping those with “learning differences” – children with a neurological dysfunction that cannot be overcome by standard teaching methods.

After meeting Dr. Books, author Bernice Capelle Dotz believes that this brilliant woman is just the right person to help her grandson, who has been struggling academically since elementary school. The results are so amazing that Dotz offers her home to Dr. Books as a second treatment office whenever she comes to California.

House of Miracles reveals the modalities Dr. Books draws from as well as her own research to develop Books Neural Therapy, a unique, nonforce, nondrug therapy, which can actually reverse problems such as dyslexia and other learning differences. The statistics show the short-term improvements, but the true-life accounts tell of the long-term enhancements.In House of Miracles, Dotz provides help, hope, and inspiration for those suffering from emotional and physical stress, and learning or neurological problems.

An avid supporter of Dr. Books, Dotz reveals the secret to healthy living and discusses a number of alternative therapies that can transform lives.


Very Informative, Dr. Books figured out what so many haven’t on learning issues! This book is fulll of real people’s stories of how BOOKS NUERAL THERAPY changed their lives for the better permanently. – Makasha Copeland