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Reversing Dyslexia: Improving Learning and Behavior Without Drugs


I embrace the beautiful but tattered souls of my young patients every day as we do our reading, writing, marching, and physical activities together. Dyslexic children come to me with broken hearts, lacking confidence and wondering if they will ever be able to learn like other kids. Most of these children are burdened by a sense of shame, wilting from the fear of disappointing their parents, their teachers, and themselves. Dyslexia keeps them down, their talents trapped beneath a mountain of humiliation.

The label of dyslexia can become a painful cloak to wear day in and day out. It can kill a child’s motivation and creativity. Watching a child’s innocence and joy be replaced by hesitation, embarrassment, and defeat breaks a parent’s heart. Parents don’t want to fail or give up on their children. Doing so would go against the deepest parental instinct, which is to nourish and protect the young.

I understand firsthand how the spirit of a child can be crushed by a learning disorder. Thankfully I also know the incredibly freeing and empowering experience of watching a child overcome such obstacles–the feeling that says, “I did this! Today I am king of the mountain. I really am in charge of my life and I really can create the life I want. What else have I been told is impossible but really isn’t?” My desire to bring this experience to others led me to write this book.

I wrote this book to dispel the myth that dyslexia is permanent. The idea that learning disorders are unchangeable is simply untrue, and it harms children. It affects relationships and families, and undermines productivity and the ability to make a living. As a society of taxpayers, we are all paying the price of this mistaken idea in one way or another. I also wrote this book to open minds to a new way of looking at dyslexia, to create empowered advocates for dyslexic kids, and to make sure individuals get the help they need to dismantle the problem of dyslexia for good. Most of all, I wrote this book to help free the human spirit–the spirit that still lives in every dyslexic person and begs to be unchained.

Dr. Phyllis Books, MA, DC, CCN

About Dr.Books

Considered by her patients a gifted and wise healer and by her colleagues as an innovative thinker and creator, Dr. Phyllis Books wears many hats for many situations. She is a teacher, mother and doctor rich in wisdom born of life experience and education. She leads the way in painlessly clearing neurological deficits without drugs such as dyslexia, ADD and ADHD using a therapy she has developed called Books Neural Therapy™ (BNT). This gentle, hands-on therapy has helped hundred of her patients worldwide and she is now teaching the technique to other practitioners so more can benefit from this proven technique. Her focus on dyslexia began many years ago, when she began to witness improved neurobiological connections and synchronization after specific repeated muscle testing and realignments. Over the years, she fine tuned the technique, and today it boasts an 80% success rate in her patients of all ages who say that their dyslexia and/or behavioral issues have been reversed. Dr. Books teaches the Three Level BNT Course to students from around the world in person and now as an online course. She also released the world’s first online Dyslexia Reversal System offering hundreds of patients, families, scientists and teachers the opportunity to learn her methods and to benefit from this multidisciplinary approach.